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June 15, 2012 / No Comment

Asynchronous Programming with C# 5.0 – Mark Michaelis In C# 5.0 there is really only one significant syntax addition – support for asynchronous programming that is embedded into the language. In this session we go over the is and is-nots of what C# 5.0 enables in the way of parallel processing – both for the […]

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GIST: Windows Server “8” Administrative Experience

April 3, 2012 / No Comment

There are several items that deserve highlighting from Erin Chapple’s post (via Jeffry Snover) titled, “Rocking the Windows Server “8” Administrative Experience”.  Here’s my gist: Administration designed for one a single-role centric view to a multi-server view of the environment.  The result is that rather than administer a role on a particular server you will […]

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Leveraging the CallerMemberName Attribute for INotifyPropertyChanged/INotifyPropertyChanging’s Events

March 16, 2012 / No Comment



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Turning on Continuous Testing in Visual Studio 11

March 2, 2012 / No Comment

The new unit testing explorer support has a new unit test explorer has a Run dropdown for selecting which text to execute (see Figure 1). In addition, Visual Studio 11 supports continuous testing – automatically running your tests every time you compile your code.  However, as shown in Figure 1, the option to enable continuous […]

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New Attributes for Trace/Logging Information in .NET 4.5

March 2, 2012 / No Comment

There is a new set of .NET attributes in .NET 4.5 to help with gathering trace information.  Before .NET 4.5, tracing the line number, member name, and source file name required using the stack trace in combination with the PDB files.  In .NET 4.5, however, there is a new mechanism for doing this using attributes […]

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Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on the Windows Build Samsung Galaxy Slate

March 1, 2012 / No Comment

If you copy the Windows 8 Consumer Preview directly to a USB key and run Setup.exe you are likely to see a dialog indicating you need 20 GB of disk space and, obviously, there is no such availability on the tablet given the previous Windows 8 Developer Preview install.   Windows 8 20 GB Required […]

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Storyboarding in Visual Studio 11 with Lorem Ipsum Auto-expand

February 29, 2012 / 1 Comment

One of the “easter egg” (meaning not intuitively discoverable) features in the Storyboarding for Visual Studio is the fact that text boxes (of any kind – Text Areas, Text Input, Text…) you can type “=Lorem()” followed by ENTER to fill the text box with Lorem Ipsum text as shown here:

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download Site Suggests Silverlight Download

February 29, 2012 / No Comment

In the process of downloading Windows 8 Consumer Preview from a relatively clean windows install I noticed that it suggested I download Silverlight.  


Team Foundation Server 11 Support Advanced SMTP Settings

February 29, 2012 / No Comment

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 11 supports SMTP Settings as shown in the following screen shot. As shown in the screen capture, it even supports a Certificate Thumbprint. As a result, you can configure gmail as your email server for Team Foundation Server:, Port 465, Enable SSL.

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Visual Studio 11 Search Everywhere

February 29, 2012 / No Comment

One feature new to Visual Studio 11 that you will wonder how you managed without (perhaps instead you wondered why it was missing from Visual Studio for so long) is the concept of “Search Everywhere.”  In Visual Studio 11 search is now supported for the following: Solution Explorer* Add Reference* Integrated Quick Find* New Test Explorer […]

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This presenter (Mark) was insanely impressive. I want his brain. Maybe his book will help me get it. Great session!
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