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March 2, 2012 / No Comment

The new unit testing explorer support has a new unit test explorer has a Run dropdown for selecting which text to execute (see Figure 1).

In addition, Visual Studio 11 supports continuous testing – automatically running your tests every time you compile your code.  However, as shown in Figure 1, the option to enable continuous testing doesn’t appear from the Run dropdown (and probably shouldn’t because you are not likely to be changing the option back and forth that often).  To enable continuous testing, select the Unit Test->Unit Test Settings->Run Tests After Build menu as shown in Figure 2.

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New Attributes for Trace/Logging Information in .NET 4.5

March 2, 2012 / No Comment

There is a new set of .NET attributes in .NET 4.5 to help with gathering trace information.  Before .NET 4.5, tracing the line number, member name, and source file name required using the stack trace in combination with the PDB files.  In .NET 4.5, however, there is a new mechanism for doing this using attributes on optional parameters.  Consider the code below:

Note the static public void Write(string message, [CallerLineNumber] int lineNumber = 0, [CallerMemberName] string memberName = null, [CallerFilePath] string fileName = null) method signature and how it uses the parameter attributes CallerLineNumber, CallerMemberName, and CallerFilePath from the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace.  By placing the “CallerInfo” attributes on the parameters – which must also be set as default parameters, the parameters are [...]

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Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on the Windows Build Samsung Galaxy Slate

March 1, 2012 / No Comment

If you copy the Windows 8 Consumer Preview directly to a USB key and run Setup.exe you are likely to see a dialog indicating you need 20 GB of disk space and, obviously, there is no such availability on the tablet given the previous Windows 8 Developer Preview install.


Windows 8 20 GB Required
Windows 8 20 GB Required

The work around it to use a command prompt boot from USB as follows:

  • Create a bootable USB key using the  Read more

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  • Storyboarding in Visual Studio 11 with Lorem Ipsum Auto-expand

    February 29, 2012 / 1 Comment

    One of the “easter egg” (meaning not intuitively discoverable) features in the Storyboarding for Visual Studio is the fact that text boxes (of any kind – Text Areas, Text Input, Text…) you can type “=Lorem()” followed by ENTER to fill the text box with Lorem Ipsum text as shown here:

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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download Site Suggests Silverlight Download

    February 29, 2012 / No Comment

    In the process of downloading Windows 8 Consumer Preview from a relatively clean windows install I noticed that it suggested I download Silverlight.



    Team Foundation Server 11 Support Advanced SMTP Settings

    February 29, 2012 / No Comment

    Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 11 supports SMTP Settings as shown in the following screen shot.

    As shown in the screen capture, it even supports a Certificate Thumbprint.

    As a result, you can configure gmail as your email server for Team Foundation Server:, Port 465, Enable SSL.

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    Visual Studio 11 Search Everywhere

    February 29, 2012 / No Comment

    One feature new to Visual Studio 11 that you will wonder how you managed without (perhaps instead you wondered why it was missing from Visual Studio for so long) is the concept of “Search Everywhere.”  In Visual Studio 11 search is now supported for the following:

  • Solution Explorer*
  • Add Reference*
  • Integrated Quick Find*
  • New Test Explorer
  • Error List
  • Parallel Watch
  • Toolbox
  • TFS Work Items
  • Visual Studio Commands
  • (* indicates where similar search functionality exists within the Productivity Power Tools – targeting Visual Studio 2010)
    Below we take a look at each search location in a more detail.
    Solution Explorer
    Perhaps the most noticeable manifestation of Search Everywhere appears within the Solution Explorer.  As shown [...]

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    Visual Studio 11 IDE Productivity Improvements

    February 29, 2012 / No Comment

    In Visual Studio 11, there is a set of IDE productivity improvements that developers across all platforms and languages already be familiar with because earlier versions of them were available in an update for Visual Studio 2010 under the name Productivity Power Tools.  In post we review several of these enhancements.

    In Visual Studio 11 Solution Explorer has been revamped significantly.  No longer is it just a location to navigate files, it now supports navigation over the object model of constructs within the solution, full-text identifier search, and more.  For example, you can now expand a CSS [...]

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    Transitioning between Sprints/Iterations with TFS

    February 6, 2012 / 8 Comments

    When transitioning from one Sprint (or iteration) to another it is necessary to modify all “current sprint” queries and any additional custom queries that are sprint/iteration specific. This is not a one time activity per team project but rather something you have to do after every sprint.

    One way to eliminate this step is by creating a “release” called “Current” and moving the specific current sprint (Sprint 1, Sprint 2, or 2012-02-06 for example) under this release. The current sprint is simply moved from its defined release into the Current release when the sprint starts. When the sprint ends, the sprint [...]

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    Windows 8 Development Architecture and Strategy with Mark Michaelis

    September 30, 2011 / No Comment

    With Windows 8 Microsoft ushers in a new set of technologies designed to challenge Apple’s market share while maintaining the full productivity of the PC.  In this session we discuss what they are offering and what technologies they are introducing to successfully compete – both from a users perspective and a developers perspective.  Don’t miss this session to understand a new breed of applications from Microsoft and the development technology and architecture that makes it all possible.

    Sponsored by the Spokane .Net Programming User Group and Presented by Mark Michaelis

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