Derek Howard


Derek Howard is an adaptable Senior Software Engineer with 19 years of experience in a broad spectrum of markets and roles.  Early beginnings with his brother and an Apple IIe and Amega 500 in the late 80’s peaked his interests in technology. He started out in the Microsoft computer and networking support role for an investment firm while attending college. Derek has a BS in Computer Science from DeVry University with an emphasis on programming. He loves the process of software development, from the inception of business ideas to realizing those ideas into well implemented software solutions.  Specializing in Microsoft Technologies he has experience in software architecture, developed and management of software solutions. His experience spans several industries: online medical library publishing, financial planning, automotive aftermarket accessories logistics and eCommerce sales and marketing.  Outside of work, with the support of his amazing wife, he enjoys coaching youth sports, going snowboarding or hitting the lake with his wife, three daughters and two sons.

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