IntelliTect Helps the Sawla Children

Ghana children’s home achieves self-sufficiency through ongoing support
The fight for global justice isn’t just about giving a handout; it’s about providing a hand up that lifts individuals and whole communities out of their poverty situations. At IntelliTect, we want to do more for communities than give those in need a meal; we want to provide the tools they need […]
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2019 Philanthropy Update

Why We Do What We Do
IntelliTect’s commitment to finding innovative solutions to the world’s most difficult problems extend beyond software development into social justice and anti-poverty work. Last year, IntelliTect provided financial support to several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working toward ending slavery (click here to learn more), giving legal protection to women suffering extreme gender violence (click here for […]
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2018 Philanthropy Update

At its core, IntelliTect is a problem-solving company. So, it makes sense that we’ve dedicated significant time toward solving some of the world’s most pressing issues relating to poverty and injustice.
Over the past decade, IntelliTect has partnered with African NGOs to build schools in war-ravaged South Sudan and bring justice to widows in Nigeria. Additionally, we’ve funded municipal […]
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IntelliTect supports La Escuela Integrada in Antigua, Guatemala

During Spring 2014, Mark and Elisabeth Michaelis, the owners of IntelliTect, took their family to Antigua, Guatemala for a vision trip analyzing business and philanthropy opportunities. While there, they toured both campuses of La Escuela Integrada, a school offering free education to children unable to pay the school fees required for Guatemala’s “free public education”. Many of these students live […]
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World Relief Spokane and IntelliTect Welcome Refugees

In addition to its work around the globe, World Relief has been chosen by the United States government to be one of the organizations to sponsor legal refugee settlement into the US. The World Relief Spokane office welcomes hundreds of refugees from all of the world to the Spokane area each year. IntelliTect is excited to support World Relief Spokane’s […]
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IntelliTect Giving Priorities and Values

IntelliTect is deeply committed to using a significant portion of our profits to improve the quality of life for people with needs in our local community and around the world. We designate some of our time, expertise, and profits for projects in our own neighborhoods of Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington. We also target debilitating poverty around the world by […]
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IntelliTect Partners with Compassion International

IntelliTect partners with Compassion International to bring basic life needs, education and counseling to children and their moms around the world. Some of our employees have chosen to join Compassion International’s worldwide child-sponsorship program that matches families with a child in poverty. These employees trade letters, pictures and special gifts back and forth between themselves and their sponsor children.
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Building Infrastructure in Kirindon, Kenya

Since 2011, IntelliTect has joined with a small number of Northwest based individuals and companies to fund the Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH) program in Kirindon, Kenya. The community of Kirindon, which is about 250 miles west of Nairobi, is a rural, poverty stricken community that has been severely lacking in access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. World Vision’s […]
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Hearth Homes Spokane Valley

*Update* Hearth Homes is now Naomi.
Hearth Homes is a home for Moms and children in poverty or seeking safety from domestic violence. Hearth Homes first opened in 2003 in Spokane, WA when Karen Fournier, having experienced addiction, homelessness and despair found freedom from all of those in Christ. In her vision and desire to see other women gain that […]
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IntelliTect and Spokane Valley Partners

Spokane Valley Partners Resource Center is the single location, “one stop shopping” facility for people experiencing poverty in the Spokane Valley. They have a well stocked food bank, a clothing bank, routine medical support and counseling available, utility assistance and job counseling along with other services. IntelliTect is proud to work with Spokane Valley Partners because of the efficient […]
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