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IntelliTect Celebrates Local Scholarship Winners

Finalists of First Company-sponsored Scholarship Enjoy an Evening at the IntelliTect Office Spokane, WA (August 7, 2021) – IntelliTect hosted their first-annual IntelliTect Scholars celebration. Four Spokane high school students were recognized for their academic excellence and interest in computer science. The scholars are the finalists of the first company-sponsored scholarship. The scholarship aims to […]

PowerShell Video: Desired State Configuration (DSC)

PowerShell Simplification Learn to configure computers using PowerShell but with better syntax, less effort, and fewer errors using DSC. When configuring remote systems using PowerShell, it often can involve lots of hands-on time settings up environments, spinning up cloud instances, and running various scripts. This is not the only option! You can automate PowerShell processes. […]

IntelliTect Today: Location, Location, Location

Building Culture with Location For the last few years, the IntelliTect team has been working to relocate to a more permanent environment—a place to call our own in which we can permanently invest. With today’s commercial real estate market, finding a building that suited our needs was no small feat. Even after purchasing–easement issues, abatements […]

Decoupling: Making Your C# Program More Testable

How and Why to Implement Decoupling Classes in Your Code Estimated reading time: 9 minutes Decoupling is a strategy for writing testable code when dealing with hard-to-test classes, and it can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you write clean, effective, and bug-free code. Contents How and Why to Implement Decoupling Classes in Your […]

Unit Testing With Xamarin Forms

Exploring Xamarin Forms In a recent application that IntelliTect developed for a client, we were tasked with building a Xamarin forms application that supported Windows, Android, and iOS.  Due to the cross-platform support inherent with using Xamarin, a large majority of our code was common amongst all three implementations.  As with most cross-platform projects, however, […]