Highly successful quality assurance professional, SDET professional and certified SCRUM master. Anna has automated over one thousand test cases in three years’ time. At her previous employer, she was the sole SDET for her team and successfully implemented automated regression tests for both the website and native application that her team was responsible for maintaining. Anna was raised in Oakland, California. She came to Spokane to attend Whitworth University where she earned her bachelor of science in computer science in 2014.  Since then, she has enjoyed continuing her career as a QA expert. An avid swimmer, Anna enjoys traveling to various swim meets around the country where she attempts to not finish in last place.

How I Installed Software on a Server using PowerShell

May 1, 2017 / No Comment

I was tasked with installing custom and generic software on a dozen new servers. As an SDET, I have never done this type of task before, so I googled some methods for automating this process since manually installing each server was time-consuming. PowerShell seemed to be the logical tool for running through my list of tasks. I was able to install all the necessary […]
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