Dan graduated from Eastern Washington University in the mid-90s with an accounting degree, and around the same time passed the CPA exam on his first try with the 7th highest score in the state. He quickly discovered that writing the programs to extract the data was more interesting than working with the data, and soon moved into an IT role. Since then Dan has continued to use his business knowledge to build from scratch or enhance business applications and reporting systems, while using whatever tools or languages are necessary - Excel, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, VB, VBA, ColdFusion, PHP, C#, JavaScript. His most recent application enhancement involved replacing a SSRS based system that was too slow and limited for what the client wanted with a C# solution that improved report times by 50+%, increased functionality, and reduced report creation/maintenance time. In his free time Dan tries to keep up with his ever growing family that includes 3 grandchildren, and enjoys travelling with his wife and younger children. At this time, he's also working to master ASP.Net 5 / MVC 6 before it gets to RTM.

Custom Model Binding in ASP.Net Core

January 28, 2016 / 8 Comments

Early on in my career I was an accountant, which meant a lot of dollar signs and commas in the numbers I worked with in my daily tasks. The typical website or application I used, if built according to normal expectations, gave a nice message telling me what I’d done wrong when I accidentally entered a currency formatted value in […]
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