Author: Wayne Creasey

JSON serializer that doesn’t serialize other properties if Deleted is true

I was recently working on a project using Azure Mobile Services (AMS) as the backend for our Android and iOS mobile apps. Using the built-in offline sync feature of AMS, you can delete records on the backend and when the mobile app synchronizes its data, the record will be deleted from the mobile device. While […]

Xamarin Forms EnumBindablePicker

One of the controls missing from Xamarin Forms is a “BindablePicker” that allows you to dynamically bind an ItemsSource and SelectedItem from your view model. Fortunately, the Xamarin forums provide a solution to this problem found here: The original implementation of this BindablePicker worked great as long as you had a list of strings […]

Writing Secure Software – Part 2

In my last blog post I discussed one possible process for developing secure software. We learned about potential security threats using the S.T.R.I.D.E. acronym, creating a threat model and identifying potential threats. Next I’ll discuss prioritizing the potential threats you have identified and discuss ways to mitigate these threats. Prioritizing Potential Threats In my last […]