We’re sponsoring a SCRUM Class in Spokane

September 26, 2018 / No Comment

This November, learn about the Scrum Framework and receive two opportunities to take the PSF exam!
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Solve Any “Year Game” Puzzle in Seconds

Grant Erickson
September 13, 2018 / No Comment

Ever try to write expressions for all the numbers from 1 to 100 using only the digits in the current year?
In 2017, I wrote a code to write these expressions for any year provided. Click here for the Github link. Try it for yourself. Click here to see how many expressions can […]
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Debugging like a Pro in Visual Studio

Kevin Bost
September 6, 2018 / No Comment

Viewing method return values in the Locals/Autos windows in Visual Studio
Visual Studio is packed with tons of great debugging tools. There are so many tools that it’s often hard to keep track of them all. Simply knowing about a tool can make a significant improvement to your productivity. In this post, we’ll look at how you can examine […]
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A Simple Tic Tac Toe Game that Learns To Play

Grant Erickson
September 4, 2018 / 1 Comment

Have you ever needed to complete a sample project during an interview process?
Some tech companies ask potential applicants to complete a tic tac toe game project to assess their coding abilities. The applicants are asked what they intend to create and how long they expect the project to take. As an interviewer, I wanted to assess how well […]
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PowerShell Script Provides Simple Change History File

Grant Erickson
August 29, 2018 / No Comment

External code audit? Need a list of TFS file changes during a specific time frame?
Consider using a PowerShell script.
While history in TFS can provide a list, it does it by changeset, not by file. To see it by file, only one file can be seen at a time. PowerShell script can get the change history of a […]
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Material Design in XAML – How to make sense of the Dialog Host

Kevin Bost
August 16, 2018 / No Comment

Material Design In XAML (MDIX) is a beautiful theme library that brings Google’s Material Design to your Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) applications. In this tutorial, we look at how easy it is to get started with one of its most powerful controls, the DialogHost. It provides a simple way to display a dialog with information or prompt the […]
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Congrats to Mark Michaelis for 22 years as an MVP!

Erin Wissing
August 13, 2018 / No Comment

Mark Michaelis has been awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for 2018-2019 in recognition of his exceptional technical community leadership!
What’s a Microsoft MVP?
According to, “MVPs are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the ‘bleeding edge’ and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting […]
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The ‘Elegant-Innovative-Excellence’ of C#

Erin Wissing
July 24, 2018 / No Comment

Why C# should be part of your tooling arsenal

C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a language used in combination with Microsoft’s .NET framework for developing applications. “The open-sourced nature of C# and the framework that comes with it is pretty unique,” Mark Michaelis said during a recent interview on Code Chat. “What really makes C# powerful is that […]
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Employee Spotlight: Kelly Adams

Erin Wissing
July 19, 2018 / No Comment

An Engineer with a Fanatical Devotion to Quality
Whether you’ve worked with them for years or have never met our featured employee, this column will continue to introduce you to the many faces of IntelliTect. For this issue, we featured a skilled engineer who enjoys coding in the deep-end: Kelly Adams.
The world of computer engineering took Kelly Adams by […]
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Tech Consultants Demystified

Erin Wissing
July 19, 2018 / No Comment

How do you pick the best development team?
Developers use languages and technologies that most of the general population have never heard of. What should a company look for when searching for the perfect team to help create their next project?
IntelliTect has been called a Microsoft Consulting shop, and although we believe Microsoft has a great technology set that […]
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