The Meaning of Avalon: The Longhorn UI API

The Professional Developers Conference has multiple references in the agenda to “Avalon”.  I was recently asked what Avalon was so that a fellow attendee knew whether they were interested or not. Avalon is a new set of graphics programming API without the Windows message pump.  Here are two public references. Microsoft Readying ‘Avalon’ Framework for Longhorn […]

Web Services versus Remoting versus Enterprise Services

OK, it is about time I wrote my thoughts down on this topic so here goes: Web Services Features Microsoft’s direction based on their marketing The stuff Don Box always talks about and, bear in mind, he is the key player on that team Standards compliant – GXA/WS-* etc Issues No plugability for varying channels […]

More on Configuration Management Application Block for .NET – from Microsoft Patterns & Practices

I wrote on Configuration Management Application Block for .NET  – from Microsoft Patterns & Practices a few weeks ago.  Since then my team and I have investigated it further.  Here are the reasons we decided to go with our own implementation, one that we had already written. No explicit support for scope.  Scope is the ability to […]

The Hardest Question on the PDC Registration Form

There is one conference that I would not miss and that is the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC).  While registering for this years PDC I was asked what previous PDCs I had attended.  Unfortunately they wanted to know the years and I am terrible with dates.  All I can remember was the locations…. Los Angeles, […]

My Team and eXtreme/Agile Programming

One of the many roles I play at work is as the architect for a framework team that writes components using C# and .NET.   About ten months ago we adopted an eXtreme Programming/Agile process.  This essentially means we were not militaristic about XP and instead used the parts of it that made sense to us and morphed the other parts.  […]

eXtreme Programming Book Recommendations

I was recently asked by a co-worker out of our Raleigh office about eXtreme Programming book recommendations.  I haven’t read that much but what I have read I wholeheartedly recommend.  The two book I read are: Test Driven Development: By Example Author: Beck Format: Paperback Publication Date: November 2002 ISBN: 0321146530 List Price: $ 29.99 […]