Implementing an Interface Multiple Times in One Class Using Generics

With the C# generics implementation that is currently under proposal is will be possible to declare generic interfaces, not just generic classes.  This is really cool as it avoids the ambiguity associated with returning an object such as in the System.Collections.IEnumerable interface.  In place of the non-generic interface we would use the generic System.Collections.Generics.IEnuerable version: public interface […]


I continue to use WinDiff as my file diff. utility.  But frankly I do this simply because it is auto installed with VS.NET, not cause I actually like it.  Anyway, this utility looks pretty slick for the same purpose.  Only the pro version does directory comparison thought but for $30…. One feature I would love […]

Configuration Management Application Block for .NET – from Microsoft Patterns & Practices

The Configuration Management Application Block (CMAB) looks pretty cool and pretty comprehensive.  It enables you to store config info. where you want (SQL Server, XML files, or the Windows Registry), encrypted or not, at will.  The information is well documented including both the requirements, architecture and implementation.  Here is some summary information from the docs: The […]

Changing the MSCorlib Model in Rational XDE

While diagramming some of the System.Security.Principal related classes in Rational XDE yesterday I encountered a problem.  Although IPrincipal had an Identity property of type IIdentity there was no association between the two classes in the model.  Furthermore, any attempt to change the model produced and error indicating that the model was read only.  hmm….. After […]