Creating a Toggle Anchor Lock macro for images in word

I recently wanted a button or keystroke that could automatically toggle the Lock Anchor state for shapes in Microsoft Word.  Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a built-in Word action for doing this.  Using a tip from Cindy Meister I created the following macro that does the trick nicely: Sub ToggleShapeAnchor() Dim newlockAnchorSetting As Boolean If Selection.Type = […]

Marking items in shared libraries as obsolete

My primary responsibility at work over the past year has been to be lead a team of developers that is responsible for building a Framework on top of the .NET Framework that fills in all the holes the Microsoft left and defines best patterns and practices for my companies .NET development.  I admit that unfortunately sometimes we […]

Beware of Inequalities with Floating Point Types

I have been playing around with the inaccuracies of floats and decided to share some of the simplest comparisons that might surprise folks that use the equality comparisons of floats indiscriminately. The following code listing pretty much captures the issues: using System.Diagnostics; … decimal decimalNumber = 4.2M; double doubleNumber1 = 0.1F * 42F; double doubleNumber2 […]

NAS Versus SAN

This article contains a good introduction into the NAS and SAN storage options. I recently received a quote for a custom built half-terabyte computer with hot swappable hard drives and an ATA serial controller.  The price was over $2,500, however, and this seemed higher than necessary.  You can by off the shelf NAS devices for less than […]