ObjectSpaces and other .NET Object to Relational Mapping Products

The ObjectSpaces MSN group discusses the Microsoft ObjectSpaces SDK (Technology Preview).  This technology is designed to provide object to relational mapping tool.  For those considering other options, there is a recent post listing other .NET technologies (both open source and cost based) targeting the same space.  The API documentation for ObjectSpaces is available here but you […]

Long Living Transactions across Service Based Architecture

This is a very high level presentation on creating long living transactions across distributed systems.  They key design principal that can be gleaned from this is inclusion of explicit support for rollback and commit in the interface architecture (versus implied commit and rollback built messaging protocols that apply transaction support as part of the protocol.)

Method Interception Using a Custom RealProxy by Doug Purdy

This is a must watch video regardless of whether you know you are interested in the topic or not.  It is just very cool technology and Doug (also see doug here.  Hey…. is that my blog he is pointing to?  I am truly honored… and of course confused???) has explained it succinctly.  (And such nice handwriting […]

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference Registration Open

This is the best conference and even if my company wasn’t paying I would foot the bill.  The one event offered roughly every 1.5 years that is a must attend event for any Microsoft focused developer.  What you see here will be the key development technology released from Microsoft 1-2 years later.  I am pretty informed […]