Method Interception Using a Custom RealProxy by Doug Purdy

This is a must watch video regardless of whether you know you are interested in the topic or not.  It is just very cool technology and Doug (also see doug here.  Hey…. is that my blog he is pointing to?  I am truly honored… and of course confused???) has explained it succinctly.  (And such nice handwriting […]

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference Registration Open

This is the best conference and even if my company wasn’t paying I would foot the bill.  The one event offered roughly every 1.5 years that is a must attend event for any Microsoft focused developer.  What you see here will be the key development technology released from Microsoft 1-2 years later.  I am pretty informed […]

Microsoft Unveils Collaborative Development Environment

OK, so this is cool but… This is a great example of what I described in my post “Microsoft Innovation: Reinventing What Already Exists”  Here Microsoft has created a community website on GotDotNet that I fail to see has anything that is not already available with SourceForge.  Am I missing something? Now as I said before, […]

Compact Framework Limitations

In the Developing Pocket PC applications using the Smart Device Extensions for Visual Studio .NET MSDN webcast Woody Hewitt lists limitations with the Compact Framework (CF) as follows: Reflection emit (simply reflection is available) Remoting (Ughhh!) Serialization* (see Pickle) Codedom Printing* COM Interoperatility* Server side functionality (3rd party products are available but not supported by CF) […]

MSDN Webcast: Next Generation Pocket PC and Smartphone Development Platform

I took the time to listen to this broadcast this morning.  It was excellent.  It covers such topics as Rapiconfig for automatically restoring the configuration of a device Writing shell extensions more easily (including autocomplete in text boxes) SMS Messaging interception and processing along with a virtual SMS radio for testing. WAP over SMS (including […]