Washington Trust Bank wanted to streamline the exhaustive and complicated process of printing commercial loan documentation. The old process was difficult to understand, particularly for new users. The process included accessing screens of questions that didn’t apply to every loan request. It was unclear what was needed for the loan that was in progress. As a result, the program wasn’t used as intended, and there was little consistency in where documentation was input. When the application was sent to the loan servicing center, underwriters needed to comb through the application to find pertinent information.

The bank required a smart application to improve the efficiency of the process. The ideal system would automate the labor-intensive and error-prone loan application process by pulling data from two different internal databases while ensuring all the fields in the application were transferrable to LaserPro – a standard program for printing loan documents.

A small development team at the bank started to build the new application to improve upon their 15-year-old legacy system. Washington Trust wanted to cash in on a sweet spot in the loan market that wouldn’t last long. Various project demands proved difficult, and the deadline for completion was fast approaching. They decided to bring IntelliTect on to provide technical leadership and improve efficiency and performance.