Washington Trust had a development team that was in the process of updating their legacy system for processing commercial loans to a smart application that would automate the labor-intensive process of collating, authorizing and printing loan documentation. It was a complex project with a deadline that was quickly approaching.

Cliff Conklin, Director of Development at Washington Trust, had decided to take an agile approach to completing the project, rather than the waterfall method that was previously used by the bank. Agile thinking transforms the fixed waterfall structure of analyzing a problem then designing a result then building the code and then testing it. With agile thinking, small chunks of the project are completed in short sprints. Working software is created sooner and can be modified as it’s built. Conklin brought IntelliTect on to the project to provide technical leadership because he knew his team needed a skilled partner to teach the agile approach.

The application was released on time and met with positive reviews from the end users.

According to Conklin, IntelliTect proved to be a valuable partner for Washington Trust by helping their development team in the following areas:

  • Agile Coaching: Training team members on the details of Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Architecture, Standards and Development: Helping with technical architecture decisions, day-to-day development, coding standards and other areas to improve the overall practice.
  • Testing Infrastructure: Implementing a testing infrastructure that includes unit testing, functional testing, end-to-end tests, etc.
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment: Implementing ongoing integration/deployment for development projects allowing the team to iterate, deliver and show progress quickly.
  • Optics: Developing metrics needed to understand the team capacity and velocity, plan releases, show progress and gauge productivity.
  • Environment: Helping build out development environments that limit technical issues, delays and other slowdowns so that team members can work efficiently.
  • Resource Needs: Augmenting staff as needed to ensure the team has the required skills to innovate and move forward with vision.

The agile team is actively formulating their next project while continuing to hone and refine this innovative application.