Force Diagnositcs’ Secure Health Insurance Exam System

IntelliTect designed and built the Force Diagnostics’ Health Exam System based on Force Diagnostics requirements. Our services included:

  • Scrum based agile project management utilizing for product backlog management, test case development and management, and software source control
  • Solution architecture on Azure to provide a secure, scalable, cloud hosted nationwide Health Insurance Exam system
  • User interface design, software development, and hosted delivery

Features of the solution include:

  • Organization and User Management structure to manage organizations and user accounts, the relationship between one organization to the next, and the relationship between an organization and users
  • Order Management system to electronically receive orders, manage execution, and deliver case status and results to designated constituents
  • Case Management system to manage workflow according to pre-defined parameters with automated changes in case state triggered by workflow events
  • Health Exam Wizard interface to guide clinicians through a workflow, simplify data entry, and provide intelligent data validation and value checking
  • ACORD based integration

Force Diagnostics benefits by having a high quality deliverable with a robust architecture and best of breed solution that was delivered on time and on budget without the need to hire and manage an internal team.

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