Olive Tree Bible Software’s New Zondervan Study Bible App


Olive Tree Bible Software wanted to take their current Bible software and create a new app for the Zondervan Study Bible. The app needed to contain the full text of the New International Version (NIV) Bible and have several features including a searchable index, split screen to view Bible text and study notes together, and the ability to add notes and highlight text.

Olive Tree has a small in-house development team and needed more developers to complete their app within a tight schedule. Olive Tree elected to use Xamarin.Forms to build the app so that a single shared C# codebase could be used to create native UI for both Android and IOS. Olive Tree knew this approach would save time, but their team had little experience with Xamarin development.


Olive Tree chose IntelliTect to augment their team and assist with the creation of the iOS and Android apps specifically because IntelliTect has certified software engineers with Xamarin Mobile Development Certification and previous Xamarin experience.

IntelliTect’s developers were quickly brought up to speed on the requirements and assisted through the release of the iOS app. IntelliTect continued through the final QA stages of the Android app release, at which point, IntelliTect was able to hand development over to Olive Tree to complete delivery and maintain the apps going forward.


The IntelliTect and Olive Tree teams successfully built and released the apps on a fixed budget and released them on schedule.

The skills learned from the IntelliTect team allowed Olive Tree engineers to use the Xamarin.Forms framework that IntelliTect helped build to create the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, and even better, Olive Tree is now positioned to use Xamarin in future app development.


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