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Congratulations to Ian Davis!

Congratulations to IntelliTect’s Ian Davis who has been awarded the C# Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for 2012! This exceptional award recognizes technical individuals across 90 countries who are leaders in their community and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. Ian was nominated for this award because of his role in building the […]

GIST: Windows Server “8” Administrative Experience

There are several items that deserve highlighting from Erin Chapple’s post (via Jeffry Snover) titled, “Rocking the Windows Server “8” Administrative Experience”.  Here’s my gist: Administration designed for one a single-role centric view to a multi-server view of the environment.  The result is that rather than administer a role on a particular server you will […]

Transitioning between Sprints/Iterations with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Post updated for and Visual Studio 2013 Update 5:, or VSO, recently added support for the query token @CurrentIteration.  @CurrentIteration can be used in your queries to refer to the sprint or iteration that is currently in process.  This eliminates the need to create your own Current iteration as described in our original post below.  This […]

Windows 8 Development Architecture and Strategy with Mark Michaelis

With Windows 8 Microsoft ushers in a new set of technologies designed to challenge Apple’s market share while maintaining the full productivity of the PC.  In this session we discuss what they are offering and what technologies they are introducing to successfully compete – both from a users perspective and a developers perspective.  Don’t miss […]

Remembering TFS Credentials (from a non-Domain Windows Client)

As a consultant, I am repeatedly connecting to customer Team Foundation Server (TFS) servers that are not on the same domain as my client workstation.  As a result, I am repeatedly prompted for credentials each time I launch Visual Studio or connect to TFS web. Notice, there is no “Remember Credentials” check box so seemingly […]