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Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts Wrap-up (MSDN Flash – Feb. 2, 2009)

In this edition, I am going to wrap up a few loose ends with a selection of miscellaneous keyboard shortcuts and links to a summary keyboard shortcut poster. Debugging: I realize that none of you would write bugs, but in case you meet someone that does or perhaps on occasion you need to debug some […]

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing (MSDN Flash -Jan. 19, 2009)

Knowing all the keyboard shortcuts for editing shows off our programming prowess, just like it would it did for programmers that could use VI.   Rather than describing the well known ones like CTRL+F and CTRL+H, I am going to review some that are more unique to Visual Studio Programming: Find CTRL+I/CTRL+Shift+I Incremental Search: Turns on […]

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for Compiling (MSDN Flash – Dec. 29, 2008)

There is not much point in writing code if you can’t compile it so, in this edition’s keyboard shortcut tips and tricks, we are going to discuss compiling your code.  For both Visual C# and Visual Basic schemes, you can compile the entire solution using Ctrl+Shift+B.  However, three keys (requiring two hands and an elbow) […]