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Don’t Let Replacing the Expired DST Root CA x3 Bring You Down If you are using an older Mac OS X version to browse the web, it’s likely that you recently started seeing "NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID", "Your connection is not private", "Clock expired privacy issue", "Safari can’t verify the identity of the website", or a similar error […]

IntelliTect Today: Increasing Diversity in Tech

How We’re Navigating the Challenges of Diverse Hiring, and Why It Matters It’s no secret that Big Tech has made little progress regarding diverse hiring, with the significant majority of employees still identifying as white males. Pushes to expand the applicant pool and foster a culture that celebrates diversity appear to fall upon deaf ears, […]

Open-source Software: A Good Decision for Microsoft?

Evaluating Microsoft’s Transition to Open Source with Microsoft RD and MVP Mark Michaelis Microsoft made the monumental corporate strategy shift to open-source several years ago. Looking back on the decision to go "all in" on open source, now is an excellent time to evaluate if this has been a good decision for the tech giant. […]

Demystifying Coding Guidelines: An Intro to Coding Conventions

Why Developing Coding Standards for Your Team Matters Programmers spend a lot of time reading code. Estimates of the percentage of daily tasks vary, but all results show that the time allocated to reading code is several times larger than the amount of time spent writing code. Conceptually, this makes sense. With the sheer amount […]

IntelliTect Celebrates Local Scholarship Winners

Finalists of First Company-sponsored Scholarship Enjoy an Evening at the IntelliTect Office Spokane, WA (August 7, 2021) – IntelliTect hosted their first-annual IntelliTect Scholars celebration. Four Spokane high school students were recognized for their academic excellence and interest in computer science. The scholars are the finalists of the first company-sponsored scholarship. The scholarship aims to […]

Employee Spotlight: Leveling Up with Josh Ward

No Need to Say Sorry! Senior Software Engineer Josh Ward Can Help You Thrive in the Game of Life! Josh Ward exudes passion and dedication. His commitment to collecting board games reflects his allegiance to academia and helping other developers expand their knowledge. “I fundamentally love learning and have a big passion for learning and […]

Creating a Notion Progress Bar with Variable Formulas

Don’t Copy Formulas: Make Them Yourself With this Power-user Technique! The beauty of is that it offers so much flexibility in how you can manage and view your data. Much of this flexibility comes from the column Formula tool. While the possibilities of column data formatting and calculations with a Notion Formula are endless, […]

Authenticate Without Code Using AAD and Azure App Services

Understanding AAD Authentication and the Advantages of Implementing Role-based Authorization Authentication can be challenging to set up and maintain. In most cases, it’s not very cost-effective or feasible to set up an authentication service from scratch and actively maintain it. Thankfully, several authentication services (such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft) are available for developers. This […]