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Quickly Configure ASP.NET Core API to work with Vue CLI 3!

Use Vue CLI 3 with all the functionality of ASP.NET Core. In this tutorial, we will use the .NET WebAPI template to generate an API back-end and Vue CLI 3 to create the front-end and get them to work together. Here is a link to my working version on GitHub Prerequisites Node .Net Core 2.1 […]

IntelliTect is offering ASP.NET Core Training

Why ASP.NET Core? (Formally ASP.NET 5) ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s next-generation, open-source, and cross-platform framework for building modern web applications. As companies continue to realize the benefits of web applications, cloud computing, and Software as a Service, the technologies we use to build these solutions must evolve. ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s revolutionary push to meet […]

Self-Hosted Integration Testing Of OData and WebApi

Full-stack testing of OData 4.0 and Web API 2.2 ASP.Net MVC controllers Why Are Unit Tests of OData Web API Controllers Insufficient? A common pattern for testing ASP.Net Web API 2 controller methods is to call them directly after mocking or setting up the Request and Configuration properties. When OData v4 is then added to […]