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Open-source Software: A Good Decision for Microsoft?

Evaluating Microsoft’s Transition to Open Source with Microsoft RD and MVP Mark Michaelis Microsoft made the monumental corporate strategy shift to open-source several years ago. Looking back on the decision to go "all in" on open source, now is an excellent time to evaluate if this has been a good decision for the tech giant. […]

Authenticate Without Code Using AAD and Azure App Services

Understanding AAD Authentication and the Advantages of Implementing Role-based Authorization Authentication can be challenging to set up and maintain. In most cases, it’s not very cost-effective or feasible to set up an authentication service from scratch and actively maintain it. Thankfully, several authentication services (such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft) are available for developers. This […]

AAD: How to Clone/Copy a Local Windows 10 Account to an Azure Active Directory Account

Reduce Friction: Migrate to Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Keep Your Previous Accounts’ Data and Profiles I recently joined a small office of Windows 10 computers to Azure Active Directory (AAD join) to improve security and workflow for the company by following Microsoft’s recommended best practices. I needed to do this without taking the extra […]

6 Steps to Automate Publishing a VSIX Extension with DevOps

Azure Pipeline Use Azure DevOps Extension Tasks to Add a Visual Studio Extension Publishing Task to Your pipeline. Microsoft recently released the Azure DevOps Extension Tasks tool for Azure DevOps that makes it easy to add a Visual Studio Extension publishing task to a pipeline, but I wasn’t able to find any layman’s documentation on […]

How to publish NuGets with Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps NuGets Successfully manage version numbers and CI/CD pipelines with this tutorial on how to publish NuGets with Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps is an amazing platform for managing the software development lifecycle. For those of us who live in the .NET world, this often means producing and distributing libraries as NuGet packages. There are […]

Microsoft Development Technologies Demystified

Crash Courses in Current Development Technologies Watch our free videos for a crash course on current development technologies. Mark Michaelis speaks at IntelliTect’s recent Visual Studio 2019 event. Last month, we held an event to provide updates and training on the latest development technologies from Microsoft. We’d like to share the content. Click the links […]

Azure Serverless Simplifies Cloud Migrations (Video)

Azure Server-less Hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios are present in all companies to some degree, so consider utilizing Azure server-less technologies within Azure to migrate simple to complex projects to the cloud. If you’re not leveraging the cloud in your company, then you’re behind. Azure server-less can help your company stay current or maybe even get […]

JSON Serializer that Doesn’t Serialize Other Properties if Deleted is True

Search for Serialization I was recently working on a project using Azure Mobile Services (AMS) as the backend for our Android and iOS mobile apps. Using the built-in offline sync feature of AMS, you can delete records on the backend and when the mobile app synchronizes its data, the record will be deleted from the […]