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Demystifying Coding Guidelines: An Intro to Coding Conventions

Why Developing Coding Standards for Your Team Matters Programmers spend a lot of time reading code. Estimates of the percentage of daily tasks vary, but all results show that the time allocated to reading code is several times larger than the amount of time spent writing code. Conceptually, this makes sense. With the sheer amount […]

Demystifying the Requirements-Gathering Environment

Define Problems and Voice Client-Clarifying Questions With Confidence A non-trivial part of a successful software consultant’s job is understanding what the client’s problem is. A significant impediment to that problem is walking away from discussions and requirements gathering meetings knowing you don’t understand the issue but feel uncomfortable addressing it. This article will describe techniques […]

Microsoft Development Technologies Demystified

Crash Courses in Current Development Technologies Watch our free videos for a crash course on current development technologies. Mark Michaelis speaks at IntelliTect’s recent Visual Studio 2019 event. Last month, we held an event to provide updates and training on the latest development technologies from Microsoft. We’d like to share the content. Click the links […]

Agile Demystified: 7 Metrics to Assess Your Agile Practices

Evolution of Agile Development Agile development has evolved to become the norm for software projects. Many organizations are practicing agile with fantastic results. However, sometimes results are less than stellar. Assess your company’s agile practices with this quick checklist. Score 1 point for every answer you agree with. 1. Number of unit tests: Increasing Your […]

Software Solutions Demystified: Buy or Build with Confidence

Buy or Build Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to make the important ‘buy or build’ decision many times. In retrospect, some commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products have worked out wonderfully. Others have been less than stellar. I use the following matrix to help make my decision. Here are some key points to consider for […]

Strengthening Your Enterprise Through Data & Analytics

Enhance Your Enterprise’s Operational State At IntelliTect, we use cloud services to extract, load and transform transactional data to create agile and scalable data warehouses capable of creating reports for any user. The advanced analytics we designed have been used in various industries throughout the Inland Northwest. This past month, I had the privilege of […]

Fix Your Git Credential Nightmare in 4 Basic Steps

Struggling to get Git to connect to Here’s a possible solution: Tip: A proxy/firewall can be one of the causes of this frustration. A big shout out to Andrew Scott for working this with me. 1. Install the Git Credential Manager for Windows Go to, or you can also get this from the […]