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Scrum Master Check-In: The Sprint Retrospective

Simple Tricks to Improve the Sprint Retrospective New to Scrum? No problem. Scrum is an agile methodology that allows developers to create working software early and often. Scrum Masters are servant leaders; we seek to guide one or many agile development teams through the Scrum process by facilitating Scrum ceremonies, removing team impediments, and orchestrating […]

Application Deployment Made Easy

Smoothly Deploying Your App With Squirrel Estimated reading time: 7 minutes Many .NET developers are familiar with ClickOnce, Microsoft’s simple deployment solution for quickly packaging and deploying software that is easy for end-users to install. However, these conveniences come with limitations. There are only a couple automatic update situations. To show custom UI when an […]

Unit Testing With Xamarin Forms

Exploring Xamarin Forms In a recent application that IntelliTect developed for a client, we were tasked with building a Xamarin forms application that supported Windows, Android, and iOS.  Due to the cross-platform support inherent with using Xamarin, a large majority of our code was common amongst all three implementations.  As with most cross-platform projects, however, […]

The Feasibility of Test Automation

Test Automation With proper tools, technical approaches, and processes, automated testing improves software quality, time to market, and reduces overall costs. Starting early in the development process and maintaining a pragmatic approach will maximize chances of success. However, there is no “one size fits all” approach; proper approaches vary based on team resources and project […]

How I Installed Software on a Server Using PowerShell

Installation I was tasked with installing custom and generic software on a dozen new servers. As an SDET, I have never done this type of task before, so I googled some methods for automating this process since manually installing each server was time-consuming. PowerShell seemed to be the logical tool for running through my list of tasks. I was […]

Using PowerShell’s Invoke-RestMethod to Access VSTS OData

How-to Access VSTS OData Given that Microsoft has abandoned their TFS CmdLets, one alternative is to access VSTS data is through the OData interface using the Invoke-RestMethod. Before you begin you need to setup Alternate authentication credentials by navigating to  Once these are established, you will likely want to save them to a local PowerShell […]