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IntelliTect Today: Increasing Diversity in Tech

How We’re Navigating the Challenges of Diverse Hiring, and Why It Matters It’s no secret that Big Tech has made little progress regarding diverse hiring, with the significant majority of employees still identifying as white males. Pushes to expand the applicant pool and foster a culture that celebrates diversity appear to fall upon deaf ears, […]

IntelliTect Celebrates Local Scholarship Winners

Finalists of First Company-sponsored Scholarship Enjoy an Evening at the IntelliTect Office Spokane, WA (August 7, 2021) – IntelliTect hosted their first-annual IntelliTect Scholars celebration. Four Spokane high school students were recognized for their academic excellence and interest in computer science. The scholars are the finalists of the first company-sponsored scholarship. The scholarship aims to […]

Demystifying the Requirements-Gathering Environment

Define Problems and Voice Client-Clarifying Questions With Confidence A non-trivial part of a successful software consultant’s job is understanding what the client’s problem is. A significant impediment to that problem is walking away from discussions and requirements gathering meetings knowing you don’t understand the issue but feel uncomfortable addressing it. This article will describe techniques […]

Maintaining Impactful Leadership During The COVID-19 Crisis

How to Lead in Times of Need All industries around the globe are impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This isn’t a new or shocking statement. Some businesses, like Netflix, are thriving. Others, like our favorite local restaurants, aren’t all so lucky. But, how do we lead during the crisis? Those of us fortunate enough to […]

Today’s Exponential Tech Revolution – Thriving in Industry 5.0?

The World is Changing in Profound and Radical Ways. Where do you sit in the technology curve? *UPDATE – 2021 statistics and Industry 5.0 info added. Also, scroll for full video from my presentation: Thriving in the Cyber-Physical Revolution. A rapid confluence of emerging technologies are poised to amplify and catalyze each other to change […]

Agile Demystified: 7 Metrics to Assess Your Agile Practices

Evolution of Agile Development Agile development has evolved to become the norm for software projects. Many organizations are practicing agile with fantastic results. However, sometimes results are less than stellar. Assess your company’s agile practices with this quick checklist. Score 1 point for every answer you agree with. 1. Number of unit tests: Increasing Your […]

Software Solutions Demystified: Buy or Build with Confidence

Buy or Build Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to make the important ‘buy or build’ decision many times. In retrospect, some commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products have worked out wonderfully. Others have been less than stellar. I use the following matrix to help make my decision. Here are some key points to consider for […]

ASP.NET Core: Mark Michaelis’ 5 Key Reasons to Migrate

Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core Provides an Open-source Platform for Efficiently Building High-performance Websites with Cross-platform Capabilities Mark Michaelis, CEO of IntelliTect, has traveled throughout the US teaching developers how to take their existing code and upgrade it to the efficient ASP.NET Core framework that requires users to install only what they need to host websites. Mark […]