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Using @ to Disambiguate Keywords from Identifiers in C#

While reading the C# Language Specification today I noticed the use of the @ sign to disambiguate a keyword from an identifier.  When you do this the identifier is called a verbatim identifier.  So, for example, you could write code as follows: class @class { static void Main() { @static(false); } public static void @static(bool […]


One of the frustrations with using the Compact Framework on PocketPC is that although the wizard enables creation of Console application there is no console available from Microsoft to actually run these applications on PocketPC (the wizard is designed for CE where there is a Console).  Fortunately, there is a solution: PocketConsole. “PocketConsole is a […]

Visual Studio Installer Complaints and Feature Requests

Below is a list of feature requests for the Visual Studio Installer Tool.  Frankly, this took currently deserves an F.  The list below was contributed to by our Alameda office and the Itron Framework team.  (How about Microsoft eating some of their own dogfood with this tool?) Ability to add not only files, but also […]

Writing Faster Managed Code: Know What Things Cost by Jan Gray

The most noteworthy item in this article was that there was no difference in performance between a property and a field unless the property was marked as virtual (in which case it was 6 times slower.)  Hmmmm….  I would have thought the difference to be negligible not zero. Also, if you wish to do your […]

ObjectSpaces and other .NET Object to Relational Mapping Products

The ObjectSpaces MSN group discusses the Microsoft ObjectSpaces SDK (Technology Preview).  This technology is designed to provide object to relational mapping tool.  For those considering other options, there is a recent post listing other .NET technologies (both open source and cost based) targeting the same space.  The API documentation for ObjectSpaces is available here but you […]