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Power BI’s Data Compression: Large Data Imports in Power BI

Optimization of Power BI to Maximize Advantages of Encoding Methods This guide explores data compression regarding Power BI, specifically relating to xVelocity engine functionality and data importation limitations.  In this discussion, I focus on 10 GB uncompressed data and 1 GB compressed data.  Limitations of 10 GB Uncompressed Data  Likely error encountered by our client: “The amount of uncompressed data on the gateway client has exceeded the […]

Power BI: A Detailed Examination of Data Importation

Clarifying the Use of Queries and Methods for Data Importation with Power BI Power BI is an industry leader in self-service analytics. This service delivers large-scale business intelligence into the hands of the end user by leveraging familiar tools found in Excel and Analysis Services into a single streamlined application. Power BI takes advantage of […]

Convert UTC to Local Time in Power BI

Update:  Recent updates to the Power BI service make it such that DateTimeZone.ToLocal() now uses the client time zone. The solution below no longer applies. Power BI provides exceptional business analytic services. Additionally, the Power BI component Power Query provides a very powerful and dynamic tool for loading and transforming data into Power BI’s data model. […]