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IntelliTect Today: Increasing Diversity in Tech

How We’re Navigating the Challenges of Diverse Hiring, and Why It Matters It’s no secret that Big Tech has made little progress regarding diverse hiring, with the significant majority of employees still identifying as white males. Pushes to expand the applicant pool and foster a culture that celebrates diversity appear to fall upon deaf ears, […]

Employee Spotlight: Leveling Up with Josh Ward

No Need to Say Sorry! Senior Software Engineer Josh Ward Can Help You Thrive in the Game of Life! Josh Ward exudes passion and dedication. His commitment to collecting board games reflects his allegiance to academia and helping other developers expand their knowledge. “I fundamentally love learning and have a big passion for learning and […]

IntelliTect Today: Passionate Hard Work During the Pandemic

Springing Past the Pandemic Winter into the Future Discover Our New Team, Our Scholarship Program, and Our Coding Classes! We are starting to see signs of spring in Spokane, Washington, not only in the climate but perhaps more importantly, as we emerge from the pandemic winter. To our team, the end of this long year […]

IntelliTect’s New Normal During the Pandemic

Pandemic Effects The pandemic is redefining normal, forcing us to move out of our comfort zones, look for potential pivots, and optimize the circumstances into an opportunity. This response to the pandemic takes on several forms for us. We’re Expanding! While most of our team continues to work from home, we’ve begun construction in the […]