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Microsoft Development Technologies Demystified

Watch our free videos for a crash course on current development technologies. Last month, we held an event to provide updates and training on the latest development technologies from Microsoft. We’d like to share the content. Click the links for videos and repos designed to keep you on top of the technology curve. Visual Studio […]

Error: “Predefined type ‘System.ValueTuple’ is not defined or imported”

As soon as you start programming tuples in C# 7.0, you are likely to encounter the compiler error, “Predefined type ‘System.ValueTuple’ is not defined or imported.”   This issue is easily corrected. When encountered, the error will look like this on the code editor: The issue is that the C# 7.0 compiler is trying to […]

Essential .NET: Visual Studio 2015 with .NET Core Tooling (MSDN)

.NET Core RC2 is finally here, and this time it is, in fact, a true “Release Candidate” rather than an RC1 Beta masquerading as a release candidate (if that, considering all the changes that happened after it came out). Much of the development focus and press surrounding .NET Core is, of course, about its cross-platform […]