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Web.config Transforms

In today’s software development process, it is recommended to have three different environments, shown below, when you are working with business critical systems. Web.config transforms help developers publish to these environments. a development environment – this is where the developers live a test environment – an exact match to production a production environment – serves […]

Creating an NLog wrapper that logs to Azure Table Storage

Welcome back to part two of our discussion on logging and tracing for .NET applications. In part one, we discussed a feature introduced in C# 5 that allows us to log detailed file, member, and line number information when tracing. Today, we’ll show how to build a wrapper for NLog that can utilize this functionality. […]

Should your SCRUM team assign story points to a Spike?

Our team has been discussing the pros and cons of assigning points to a Spike, and trying to determine what our approach should be. In case you are unfamiliar with the term Spike (in regards to agile development), the definition according to is: A story or task aimed at answering a question or gathering […]

Building a logger using Caller Info attributes – Part 1

Welcome to the first of a multi-part discussion on logging and tracing for .NET applications. In this post, we will discuss using a C# 5 feature to include detailed file, member, and line number information when tracing. In future posts, we’ll discuss integrating this method with NLog to output log information to various data sources, […]

Dynamically Changing Cell Data/Behavior Within a Kendo Grid

I was recently on a project that required various dynamic client side behavior of a Kendo grid. There was specific behavior needed when the user entered a cell, and when the value of a cell changed. An equivalent example for demonstration purposes is the following grid. Assume the grid has the following rules: specifying behavior […]

Mark Michaelis Presents at January 2015 Spokane SharePoint User Group

Reserve the evening of January 21st, 2015 for the next Spokane and Inland Northwest SharePoint User’s Group. IntelliTect’s own Mark Michaelis will be presenting the following topic: A Pragmatic Understanding of SharePoint 2013 Architecture for Business User In this interactive discussion, Mark Michaelis will clear up all the confusion surrounding the technical details of all […]

Getty Images Issues Copyright Violation Settlement Demand Letter to IntelliTect

Back in 2011 I did a talk entitled Management vs Leadership at the local PMI chapter. During that talk I displayed this slide (shown below) and it included a small hex image of a hands in a metallic bowl like the one on this book cover ( Unfortunately, I didn’t check the copyright when building […]