Check Out the May Issue of MSDN Magazine Featuring Mark Michaelis

Michael Desmond a popular blogger for MSDN Magazine is giving a shout out to Mark Michaelis for his lead feature in this month’s issue of MSDN:

“Be sure to check out the May issue of MSDN Magazine, which spotlights some of the powerful new capabilities highlighted at the Microsoft Build Conference last month. Our lead feature, by Mark Michaelis, explores the new features and capabilities coming in the next version of the C# programming language (C# vNext, expected to be called C# 6.0 upon release).

As Michaelis points out in his feature, C# 6.0 won’t be a revolutionary change, but it will help eliminate a host of coding annoyances and inefficiencies that can bog down your programming efforts. He goes on to single out a few of his favorite features in C# 6.0, including the $ operator (string index members), primary constructors (without field parameters), using static, and declaration expressions. Definitely give this articles a read.”

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