Connecting Bluetooth Keyboard to Windows 8 Samsung Developer Preview Computer Requires Passcode

The first time I connected my computer Bluetooth keyboard to the Windows Build Samsung Developer Preview tablet I was prompted with a passcode to type into the keyboard:


Entering the passcode followed by ENTER successfully paired the keyboard.

Later on, the pairing quit working so I made attempts to reconnect.  Unable to successfully get the two devices to recognize each other again, I Removed the keyboard from the list of Bluetooth devices. 

Unfortunately, when attempting to add the keyboard back, I was no longer prompted with the key.  Instead, a text box similar to the one below, appeared for me to enter the key:


I tried several keys including “0000” and “1234” but none of them worked. 



Eventually I came across this thread and it explained that, when prompted, enter a ‘code’ such as “0000” followed by ENTER (or clicking Next). After that, type the same code (‘0000”) on the keyboard followed by ENTER.

Voilà, problem resolved and the keyboard successfully connects.

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    1. I was able to use info to reconnect a generic Bluetooth keyboard. No way I would have been able to use info without it. Thanks