Why A Beautiful User Experience (UX) Shouldn’t Be Our Primary Focus

I’m passionate about creating functional designs, and I love what I do. More and more I believe that the methodology of sticking to initial design comps exactly is fatally flawed. Executing a smooth plan and receiving positive internal feedback is excellent, but ultimately, if a design doesn’t improve the end user’s experience in some meaningful way, the project will fail.

Engaging with customers and end users to understand things from their point of view gets us closer to creating something that improves day to day life—this should be our ultimate goal. For me, I find that releasing versions of a design early and often allows me to learn quickly and make adjustments before the concept becomes final. As a designer, this goes against my nature to only release something that is “pixel perfect,” however I’ve found setting up methods and channels for direct engagement with customers lets me genuinely listen and learn, so that together, we can serve people’s real needs, not just their perceived ones.

When I made the shift in my thinking from just creating something aesthetically beautiful to providing products that are truly useful, it gave my designs a much deeper meaning.

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