Industry 4.0 – Thriving in Tomorrow’s Cyber-Physical World, Today

*UPDATE – Scroll for full video from my September 2019 presentation: Thriving in the Cyber-Physical Revolution.

The pinnacle of data gathering is happening now. Facebook, Google and Apple are the big players, but know it or not, there are untold lesser names tracking everything we do. What’s around the corner? Welcome to Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Electricity was the crucial invention required for both the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions—and without it, we wouldn’t have a fourth revolution either. But, what electricity enabled in the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions pales in comparison to what data, cloud computing, AI, ML, IoT, Big Data, nanotechnology and quantum computing generate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The proliferation of the Internet radically changed the speed of technological advancement starting in the 1990s, but the real gain is upon us as devices start collecting vast amounts of behavioral data and analyzing it with AI and machine learning.

Today, a swarm of mobile and IoT devices pump data into relatively private cloud stores. We are no longer constrained by how much humans could explicitly direct computers to do. Cloud computing engines autonomously analyze this data, generate knowledge about it, then independently act on said knowledge.

Why the Fourth Industrial Revolution should matter to your company

Consumers once focused primarily on interpersonal experiences. Now, they can accomplish everything from the comfort of their couch by texting, food delivery services, online shopping or streaming video services. Consumers of today value instant satisfaction over interpersonal experiences.

It’s a safe bet to assume that your consumers feel the same way about your product. If you’re not putting value in data, specifically, vast amounts of data, then your company will be passed by.

The technological future of your industry

If you were the most prominent “buggy whip” maker in town, your long-term success would be determined by how you view your company. The invention of the car would destroy your company if you only focused on your buggy whips. Now, if you considered yourself to be in the transportation business, then your foresight into the technological advancement of the transportation industry will be the key to your success. Maybe you could be the next Henry Ford!

Be ready for future technological advancements that can transform your industry

At IntelliTect, innovative excellence is who we are. We are constantly thinking outside-the-box for ways to solve our customers’ problems and trying to push the status quo beyond where customers are today and into the future.

Click here for a blog about how we are harnessing cyber-physical systems in our new office space.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon all of us, we believe the window for innovation is shrinking and the opportunities to compete with the incumbents, more challenging. Nonetheless, we embrace the challenge and strive to keep our clients relevant.

I’m passionate about maintaining technical foresight and applying it to IntelliTect’s business strategy. Curious how this new revolution will affect your company? Check out my talk at the Spokane .Net Users Group.

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  1. Hi Mark! Just wanted to say thank you for this information and wonderful graphic describing the different industrial revolutions! Is it okay with you if I insert the graphic into my essay I’m writing for uni (referenced properly, of course) ? Thank you again!