Whether you’ve worked with them for years or have never met our featured employee, this column will continue to introduce you to the many faces of IntelliTect. For this issue, we featured a risk taker with a dry sense of humor: Kyle Amonson. 

Kyle Amonson, QA engineer.

Kyle is one of IntelliTect’s newer team members, but he’s already had his hand in several projects. For now, he’s working with our client, Verint (formerly Next IT), to create a testing framework and CI/CD that they can use across all their client’s platforms. Kyle identifies defects and problems in Verint’s AI agent which provides useful information and feedback to developers so they can resolve the issues. “It’s exciting to see two tech companies working together,” said Kyle about the relationship between IntelliTect and Verint.

Kyle grew up in the sticks near Greenbluff, Washington. “One of my first work experiences was taking care of llamas and harvesting alfalfa—which is exceedingly fun, by the way,” Kyle said. “Best thing ever. But I realized I really didn’t want to do that my whole life.” When he was old enough, Kyle joined the military as an army medic, then later became a civilian cardiac medical assistant, but he didn’t want to stay in the medical field.“What has impressed me about Kyle is his 'jack-of-all-trades' type attitude,” said Mark Michaelis. “During his first few weeks at IntelliTect, we threw a myriad of unrelated tasks at him—many of them not in his wheelhouse—and he, in turn, knocked them out of the park. It was so great to see we had another highly-capable, quality-striving engineer on our team.”

“I had a history of working hard, but I had no passion yet. It wasn’t until later that I found my passion in writing code. Computer science, to me, has an unlimited way of solving a problem that is only limited by imagination and willingness to learn.”

Kyle found IntelliTect by way of Kevin Bost, another IntelliTect team member he had worked with several years ago. When Kyle’s most recent employer “went under,” Kevin asked him to consider IntelliTect.

“It’s nice to be able to pick where you want to work rather than saying I’ll settle for some boring job,” Kyle said.

Kyle and his family at the beach.
Kyle and his family relax at the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Now, Kyle and his “outdoorsy” family live in Indian Trail and spend much of their free time unplugged from technology when possible. When not camping or fishing, his two sons play the drums and the bass, while Kyle plays guitar, bass, saxophone and wishes he remembered how to play the trombone.

“I have a great sense of humor, it’s very broad and sometimes dry,” Kyle said as he explained who in the office he’d trade places with for the day. “I would trade with Stephanie (Perko) because it would be fun to watch an ultimate train wreck. I would be the worst HR in the history of HR! And, watching her go to the data side would be hilarious. We could make a comedy out of it. It would be a big mess, and when we switch back, we’d both be like ‘what the heck happened?’”

Kyle loves the idea of trying out new ideas, even if he isn’t successful the first time around. “Nothing is more boring than doing the same thing every day,” Kyle said. “So, when a challenge comes up, I love trying it out and having fun with it. There’s no reason to be stressed out and miserable, and there’s no reason to be afraid of it.”

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