A Storyteller with an Affinity for Math.

With the start of a new decade, we decided to feature one of IntelliTect’s most recent hires, Shaun McBurney.

Shaun and his girlfriend, Haley, take a selfie at a Gonzaga University basketball game.
Shaun and his girlfriend, Haley, take a selfie at a Gonzaga University basketball game.

Shaun’s love of math took him to Gonzaga University, where he studied to be a mechanical engineer. During that time, he took a variety of classes. One of these classes required him to program disassembled Roomba vacuums using Python. “I enjoyed it, I got it,” Shaun said. “Creating something—writing something and seeing it on screen and in real life, that was very appealing to me. After I took that course, I switched over to computer science.”

And writing code isn’t Shaun’s only passion. He enjoys writing, with or without math. Shaun plans on finishing his first full-length novel by the end of the year. “I enjoy storytelling, and I’m generally a quieter person. I’m not bombastic or anything like that, so writing—actually telling stories—is more of an outlet than anything else.”

Shaun Discovers IntelliTect

Shaun found IntelliTect when he noticed that the author of Essential C#, Mark Michaelis, was the CEO of a Spokane-based software development firm. Once hired at IntelliTect, he spent his first day on the job in an airplane bound for a client site in Oklahoma. From that moment on, Shaun became actively involved in building that client’s product by terraforming AWS infrastructure. Shaun believes the work he’s doing with Terraform is fascinating. Because of this tool, he details precisely what’s needed in a single file and modifies the same base infrastructure for each environment. Multiple user interfaces aren’t required like they are in AWS, and this saves the client money.

"Shaun is a pleasure to work with, said Mark Michaelis, IntelliTect CEO. "His ability to attack tasks in unfamiliar areas and execute them like an expert is uncanny!!! He is one of the most focused software engineers we have at IntelliTect, determined to figure out any problem quickly and humbly. To watch Shaun work, you see someone that is incredibly concentrated on executing and getting stuff done that will ensure his teams’ success."

Shaun hopes IntelliTect’s future clients know that when you work with us, you’re not just getting a specific team member, you’re getting a whole suite of extremely capable people supporting them including developers, engineers, SDETs and automation engineers, to name a few.

“So much of what we do as developers is in our heads. And, you can get caught up there as well,” Shaun said. “At IntelliTect, we’re all just looking at other people to look at our stuff and tell us what we can do differently—how we can improve. That openness of being accepting of not necessarily mistakes but of what this software engineering process is about is the biggest thing I’ve seen at IntelliTect. Everyone is like that.”

If Shaun had to switch jobs with someone at IntelliTect, he’d like to work on the software that streamlines the analysis and processing of video evidence for legal matters. “From what I’ve heard, it sounds interesting… The drive for truth is interesting to me… It may just be a project, but it helps users get to the truth, and any piece that can help is extremely important.”

Ready to Join Our Team?

At IntelliTect, we’ve discovered that you can’t have enough “Shauns.” As of January 2020, we have three—Sean, Shaun, and Shawn. Shaun joked that the next “Shaun” hired needs to continue the trend and spell their name uniquely. With that in mind, any skilled developer named “Shon” should consider applying immediately.

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