Giving our all doesn’t stop with our team and our clients. We want to give freedom to those without hope through our partnership with organizations that are fighting to eliminate poverty and injustice both locally and worldwide. We are committed to devoting a significant portion of our profits to the fight against extreme poverty around the world.


Building Infrastructure in Kirindon, Kenya

Since 2011, IntelliTect has joined with a small number of Northwest based individuals and companies to fund the Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH) program in Kirindon, Kenya. The community of Kirindon, which is about 250 miles west of Nairobi, is a rural, poverty stricken community that has been severely lacking in access to clean drinking water […]

IntelliTect and Spokane Valley Partners

Spokane Valley Partners Resource Center is the single location, “one stop shopping” facility for people experiencing poverty in the Spokane Valley. They have a well stocked food bank, a clothing bank, routine medical support and counseling available, utility assistance and job counseling along with other services. IntelliTect is proud to work with Spokane Valley Partners […]

Tanzania Child Survival Program

Mtwivila Iringa, in south-central Tanzania, is the township of Mtwivila Iringa  with approximately 12,000 residents. More than 80% of the adults are unemployed leaving these people with little hope.    Most homes in Mtwivila Iringa are poorly insulated structures made of adobe and corrugated metal, leaving families and young children susceptible to health issues that […]

How Compassion International works

Compassion International uses an individualistic and comprehensive long term strategy to help children and their families escape poverty.  Compassion does this using a three stage approach based on the age of the child in need.  The first stage of Compassion’s effort is called a Child Survival Program.  This first stage offers interested pregnant Moms otherwise […]

Leadership for Northwest Connect

On the Northside of Spokane, in the Hillyard neighborhood, Northwest Connect offers people a local food bank, non food pantry items like soap, dish soap, shampoo and other toiletries as well as summer day programs for children. Because the Hillard neighborhood has the lowest per capita income of any neighborhood in Washington state, the work […]

Local Homeless Programs

IntelliTect provides support to Union Gospel Mission and Anna Ogden Hall to join their work serving the men, women and children who are homeless in our community.  UGM provides short and long term shelter, protection from domestic violence, access to food, clothing and other necessities as well as substance abuse counseling and job training.  They […]

Educating Children in Sawla, Ghana

IntelliTect’s latest project with International Assistance Programbegan when we heard the Sawla Children’s Home in Sawla, Ghana needed a new building. Many of the children in the home were attending school for the first time and a larger home for orphans could offer more children the same opportunity. During 2012, IntelliTect and IAP joined with […]