ICMS or Intake and Case Management Systems is a powerful tool to build relationships and reduce paperwork for nurseries and daycares

A paperless system? It's possible.

With licensing requirements increasing and long-term storage becoming the norm, paperless systems are crucial for your childcare environments.

ICMS, a customizable childcare app, was designed side-by-side with child-care workers.

This intuitive system simplifies the intake manual processes so you have more time to grow relationships.

With ICMS, your childcare center eliminates the need for paper documents by handling intake and discharge, scheduling, stay information, and reporting in one easy to use app.

ICMS data tracking records the unique story of a child’s stay is tracked in an app that provides accurate and timely data and reports for caregivers and parents, and as a bonus, it simplifies state-mandated reporting. Your caregivers can reduce time spent on paperwork and instead focus on providing the best childcare possible.

With ICMS you can:

Organize and catalog calls and scheduling in one easy to use format

Gather and save all intake and discharge information at the first visit

Display medical icons for each child on a Status Board         *safety feature

Record meals, feedings, diapers, activities, and medications at the click of a button

Store up-to-date family records for each family/child and notes on staff interactions

Consider this case study on the use of ICMS at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery in Spokane, Washington.

From the moment we interviewed the IntelliTect team, we knew they were the right fit for our culture to deliver a product that would meet the unique needs for preventing child abuse and neglect in our community.

Amy Knapton Vega, Executive Director of Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery

From professional or in-home daycares, to crisis nurseries and beyond, ICMS is designed for childcare providers in many settings.

Let ICMS help you turn your focus from tedious paperwork to life-giving relationships.

Curious what ICMS could do for your nursery or daycare?