Create robust software and release new functionality with confidence using Marionette.

Marionette is an extensive toolkit and set of industry standard best practices for CC&B and MDM that allows users to automate tests, track execution, triage failures and present results to business partners.

With the Marionette test automation tool suite, teams jump-start their testing efforts by leveraging solutions to complex testing problems. 

Marionette is like having a person sitting at a computer running multiple tests at once, doing clicks, entering data, running your tests—and not just once, but as often as needed.

With Marionette, your customers can be confident that your team will release better software at a lower total cost.

2-Week Beginner’s Guide

For two weeks, IntelliTect Utility Testing Experts, well versed in Oracle products, will be on-site to provide training in best practices and current tools needed to master automated testing.

2 to 6-Month Team Jump-Start

IntelliTect utility testing experts will embed with your team. Your team will learn to write tests utilizing industry standard tools and frameworks as well as IntelliTect’s invaluable libraries.

Outsource to IntelliTect

The IntelliTect team will work with your business analysts and developers to test your software using all of our tools. On-site, off-site and off-shore staffing solutions are available to accomplish this task. 

All of these options allows users of Marionette to build automated test cases and visualize the results.

Over the past few years, I have watched the IntelliTect test team hone and refine the process of testing Oracle utility software. This automated testing is never easy, but this team has developed amazing products and practices.

Grant Erickson, IntelliTect CTO and architect of Marionette
Marionette software solution workflow chart

Marionette’s automation toolkit is used by software developers and SDETs to write tests, and the Marionette website is used by QA and stakeholders to monitor the results. Marionette can be tailored to integrate with your ALM tool set.