Mike Curn

Senior SDET


Mike, an experienced Quality Assurance Engineer, did not take the traditional route to becoming a software engineer – he has multiple degrees in the entertainment field; an Associate Degree in Multimedia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Entertainment.  Mike has a passion for teaching and was an adjunct instructor for ITT Technical Institute teaching students effective methods of utilizing 3D Max, Unity3D, and UnrealEngine3.

Prior work experience has lead Mike to become familiar with many aspects of QA, ranging from design review to manual and automated testing and test tracking. He would say manual testing, test tracking, and issue tracking would be his areas of specialization and why he chose QA as a career over 3D animation. One of his greatest accomplishments was being asked to learn HP Quality Center to instruct peers and colleagues how to have a better understanding of what the customer needs and how to better assist customers with QA related issues.

For fun he enjoys hiking at Mt. Rainier, playing drums, teaching himself JavaScript to build game prototypes and dabbling in photography.  He also likes helping friends in the arts, he assisted a friend complete a film project in 50 hours for a local film competition.