ObjectSpaces Update

A co-worker, Sai Ganesh, took a cursory look at ObjectSpaces (which I first mentioned in a post entitled, “ObjectSpaces and other .NET Object to Relational Mapping Products”) and made the following observations:

  1. The MSI file was posted back on 12/21/2001.
  2. The current MSI file only works with the 2001 PDC .NET Framework build.  There are instructions on how to circumvent this, here, however.
  3. This posting presents the future of ObjectSpaces as a little uncertain.
  4. However, a later post by Steve Channell speculates the following:
    • ObjectSpaces will be replaced by a “Business Component Framework” (BCF) that may be released as part of Visual Studio or as a separate Great Plains initiative.
    • They also said that BCF is likely to be built around a CIL code enhancer (aka Java Data Objects) that adds persistence to regular serializable objects.
    • The key points is that Microsoft will implement an “entity” framework as a rebuttal to J2EE entity beans.

At this point my take would be that there is nothing in the ObjectSpaces Tech. Preview (the one available in the MSN ObjectSpaces group) worth evaluating.  Whether Microsoft does or does not continue with this technology is irrelevant to some degree as the 2 year time delay between the Tech. Preview and now is too long to understand what ObjectSpaces would be if Microsoft was doing something with it.  The only value in examining ObjectSpaces today would be to learn something about how to implement your own Object-Relational mapping system and perhaps have a starting point to work off of.

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