Analysis Services

IntelliTect’s technical and business services are designed to provide strategic direction in the complex arena of energy and resource supply and utilization. In a world where concern for our planet has become a political imperative, there is a wide array of both established and innovative technology.

Utilities, the construction industry and energy consumers are seeking services to find and compare technologies and solutions to best fit their requirements.  Services include evaluating the cost, effectiveness and timelines of solutions and to consider and compare the risk and performance of solutions in specific businesses. IntelliTect provides these services.

A typical scenario might be:

  • Document the client’s priorities, business imperatives.
  • Evaluate active and planned projects.
  • In partnership with Connection Research, undertake primary research of client’s customers via surveys followed by market modeling analyses in the fields of consumer and community sustainability.
  • Research technologies that best fit the business needs of the client with particular concern for cost/performance, time frame, risk and the potential impact of candidate technologies on each other.
  • Prepare a nodal framework of existing and candidate technologies and set up a dynamic mathematical relationship that relates cost, risk, performance and time to implement for each candidate technology.
  • Use this model to test a range of options and estimate the likelihood of success, the overall performance and the time frame for each “What if?” This process facilitates the building and optimization of a strategic technical road map for the company.
  • Over time and as technologies are implemented, the model is revisited to adjust the road map for delays or cancellations, new technology developments and changing market and business imperatives