Software Architecture and Development

Complex software must be built on a solid foundation. Effective software architecture acts as a blueprint for the future solution and is critical in developing long-lasting, maintainable, and extendable products. Software architecture done right reduces risk and lowers total cost-of-ownership over the lifetime of a project.

Software Architecture Engagements

IntelliTect conducts software architecture engagements that produce high-quality software architecture detailing scope, security, services, and deployment. IntelliTect differentiates ourselves with our ability and attitude.  We quickly get to the root of difficult problems to deliver the most appropriate solutions.

Our Standard Technical Assessment is a one to two-day, on-premise engagement that is tailored to your needs. Our deliverable will include a strategy that will promote the best possible outcomes for a project.

Our Advanced Technical Assessment is a week-long deep dive into our client’s technical and business needs and can including technical training for your staff. Services typically include a vertical slice implementation of the application – proving and modeling the architecture, jump-starting development, and increasing the sensibility/maintainability of the system.

Expert Software Development

IntelliTect develops using the latest software technologies including JavaScript, .NET Core, C#, Xamarin, Visual Studio, and leveraging cloud services including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Our team of experts helps define and shape Microsoft-related technologies by being involved in several Microsoft software design review teams including C#, the Connected Systems Division, and VSTS, as well as significant open source projects.

We not only practice the latest software development techniques, but we also provide world-class training in those same techniques. We have several architects, project managers, and software developers that are Scrum certified for project management or training. We provide reference architecture to companies whose internal development teams require assistance establishing best practices (both in architecture and coding/testing standards). Additionally, Microsoft hires us to travel the world (on 4 different continents) teaching SharePoint 2013.

IntelliTect uses the latest agile methodologies to provide continuous delivery and improvement by shortening the feedback loop and responding to change. We have expertise in agile project management, including Scrum and Kanban.  We believe that there is no “one size fits all” prescription, and the most effective practices are derived from analyzing the needs of our clients.