Trellis is a web-based configuration tool designed for large enterprise applications. It allows users to track and affect change within and between environments in an efficient manner while limiting human errors.

Automate the management of configuration data between environments with Trellis.

Change one environment and easily propagate it to many environments—at the click of a button.

Additionally, snapshots of the configuration data are periodically recorded, and users can be alerted if changes are made.

CompareTrellis takes daily configuration snapshots of all environments. This allows users to compare configuration against any environment from any snapshot. Users can:

Create a Simple Excel Output

Compare the Same Environment

Program Recurring Tasks

Organize activity

Migrate: With Trellis, it’s easy to create change packages. A snapshot is taken before and after UI or database configuration changes are made. Trellis automatically creates a customizable package that will apply those changes or a subset of them to other selected environments. Trellis can:

Handle fields with environment-specific data

Select a subset of a comparison to move to another environment

Apply, rollback and verify change packages

Export SQL for all changes allowing integration with source control and automated deployments

use on-premise or through cloud deployment (PaaS) by multiple users

Trellis is just so amazing. I use it nearly every day to move configuration changes. Thank you for creating such a cool, useful, and user-friendly application. It has personally saved me so many hours of time.

Mike Allerton, business analyst
Trellis software application work flow chart

Trellis allows for significant savings of money and time and is a valuable addition to any team managing the configuration of enterprise software.

 The program’s built-in automation completes processes with fewer human errors while maintaining environment consistency. In the end, Trellis users’ efforts are significantly reduced.