Supercharge Your Teams Collaboration with IntelliWiki

IntelliWiki provides a rich environment to create, collaborate, and share ideas with your organization. Collaborative editing allows multiple users to work on a wiki document together in real-time.

How to Install

Initial admin setup

First, grant tenant-wide admin consent. This prevents end-users from needing to authorize the app individually; more importantly, this grants permissions that end-users do not have the authority to grant.

Open the following URL after replacing {tenant-id} with your organization’s tenant ID (see the Azure AD documentation for more details):{tenant-id}/adminconsent?client_id=7d0e2516-e364-4092-9a97-3da77d777206

Create a wiki

End-users may then navigate to a channel within Teams and add the app as a new tab. Users can also install a personal version of the app from the Apps page for central access to some features, such as search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing?

There are no charges to use the free teir of IntelliWiki. Pricing for upgraded teirs is coming soon and is subject to change.

Who can access a wiki?

Any member of the team where the wiki was initially created can access the wiki. The access level for team members can be restricted (e.g. read-only) by owners of the team or the original creator of the wiki.

Why are certain permissions requested?

Read group memberships

Access control is based on who is an owner or member of the Azure AD group that owns a given wiki. This permission is required to determine who is an owner.

Read all groups

This allows the app to search for files belonging to the current group when a user types the @ symbol in the editor.

Where is my data stored?

Data is currently stored in Azure SQL and is encrypted at rest.

Who built this?

This product was created by IntelliTect.

How can I contact you?

For questions, suggestions or concerns, please email us at

Custom Wiki Features

Default Teams Wiki
Rich-Text Editing
Markdown Support
@Mentions for Users
@Mentions for Pages
@Mentions for Files
Multiple Pages Per Wiki
Page Searching
Collaborative Editing