Why ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s next-generation, open-source, and cross-platform framework for building modern web applications.

As companies continue to realize the benefits of web applications, cloud computing, and Software as a Service, the technologies we use to build these solutions must evolve. ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s revolutionary push to meet the diverse needs of a broad customer base.

ASP.NET Core is a significant redesign of ASP.NET. Built from the ground up, it provides an optimized development framework for apps that are either deployed to the cloud or run on-premises.

Moving to ASP.NET Core positions your team for success today and into the future.

IntelliTect provides customized training for both developers and managers, designed to empower your team with the knowledge required to make the right decisions and build excellent cloud-based solutions.

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You’ll be Equipped with

  • Practical understanding of ASP.NET Core and all its major features
  • Hands on experience building a project from scratch
  • Advanced techniques and how to integrate additional technologies, such as:
    • Entity Framework Core
    • ASP.NET Core MVC
    • Gulp and Task Runner Explorer
    • Azure
    • and more depending on the option
  • A complete sample project (longer training sessions provide opportunity for unique customizations)


Training Options and Agenda

Option 1 – One Day Overview

A quick high-level jump-start for your team. At the end of the session, your team will have a running basic ASP.NET Core project with basic knowledge of the components.

Target Audience: Developers wanting an overview of the basics of ASP.NET Core. The AM session is appropriate for most skill levels including managers.



  • What’s new in ASP.NET Core
  • Create a sample project with a guided tour
  • Why all the changes? What do I gain?
  • Deploy to Azure


  • Startup.cs and configuration
  • Create an object model
  • Using Entity Framework Core
  • Create a controller and view in ASP.NET Core MVC


Option 2 – Three Day Intermediate

Get the key skills your team needs to succeed with ASP.NET Core. This course includes an in-depth look at each of the major areas of ASP.NET core. Your team will leave with a complete ASP.NET Core solution.

Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced ASP.NET MVC developers


Day 1

  • What’s new with ASP.NET Core
  • Create a solution with a guided tour.
  • Why all the changes? What do I gain?
  • Solution and project structure best practices
  • C# 7 features
  • Configuration Infrastructure
  • Managing Files: css, js, etc.
  • Gulp and Task Runner Explorer
  • Startup.cs and dependency injection

Day 2

  • Using Entity Framework Core
  • Creating controllers and Views
  • Unit Testing
  • TypeScript Basics
  • Compiling SCSS and TS with Gulp and package.json
  • Understanding project.json and packages
  • Creating an API Controller
  • Consuming an API from the web client

Day 3

  • Working with Areas
  • AD Authentication
  • Local Authentication
  • Logging Infrastructure
  • Publish the application to Azure
  • Configuring IIS and publishing locally
  • Command line utilities
  • Troubleshooting


Option 3 – Five Day with Web Introduction

Transition your team to web development using ASP.NET Core. In this course we build a complete application using industry best practices focusing transitioning a team to MVC web-based development. Your team will leave with a complete ASP.NET Core solution.

This session includes a one-hour consultation before the training to finalize the agenda.

Target Audience: Intermediate C# developers with some web experience


This course includes all the topics in the three-day course with two days of web ramp up.


Option 4 – Five Day with ALM and Advanced Topics

Bring your team up to speed with ASP.NET Core to start being immediately productive. In this course we build a sample application using industry best practices from solution creation to continuous deployment.

One day will be spent covering one of the following:

  • A tailored sample application
  • Starting the migration process for your existing application
  • Instruction on an advanced topic like TypeScript, AJAX with data binding, etc.

This session includes a one-hour consultation before the training to get input on the topics covered.

Target Audience:  Intermediate to advanced ASP.NET MVC developers


This course covers all the topics in the three-day training as well as ALM and customer requested features.

Additional topics covered:

  1. ALM with TFS and/or VSTS
  2. Builds and deployments with the new build system
  3. Debugging external source code
  4. Automated unit testing
  5. Using daily builds


Instructional Staff

  • The one day class will have one instructor for up to 8 students.
  • For the 3 and 5 day sessions, two instructors for up to 10 students.
  • A class of up to 15 students can be accommodated for a 50% additional cost for an additional instructor.

Please reach out to get started: (509) 315-3400 or Info@IntelliTect.com