Spokane Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event

Join us in Spokane on May 4th for a local Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event!

With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, developer productivity has been pushed through the roof. Developers have loved Visual Studio for more than a decade, and with this latest release the Visual Studio team is sending the love back with innovations to get you coding faster and better than ever.

  • Come take a peek at the latest enhancements;
  • Get demos and tips from developers just like you;
  • Bring the knowledge home and discover for yourself how much more you can achieve with VS2017.

Event includes lunch and drinks. Please note any special food allergies or Vegan/Gluten requirements when signing up.
Sign up by clicking here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spokane-visual-studio-2017-launch-party-tickets-32901945605



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