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.NET User Group Meeting – ReSharper : Unleashing the Code Ninja

Visual Studio 2010 is out and ReSharper 5 is on its heels; if you don’t know about this product, you need to come to this meeting. If you do, be prepared to learn something new as we go through ReSharper’s features and take a look at some new and advanced ReSharper capabilities. With ReSharper, you […]

Mining List Data in SharePoint 2010

Mining List Data in SharePoint 2010 Following up on the SharePoint 2010 introduction from last month, this month’s talk will dive into the different options a developer has for getting at information stored within SharePoint. Topics covered will include the Client OM, RESTful services, the original Web Service way of doing things, Server OM, and […]

Getting Started With SharePoint Development in 2010

If you have been putting of SharePoint development until 2010, in the hopes that such development will get streamlined, I have both good and bad news for you. The good news is that development on the SharePoint Server 2010 has improved significantly with strong Visual Studio 2010 support, application life-cycle management, SharePoint LINQ, sandboxed deployment, […]