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.NET 5 VIDEO: A New Era in .NET

Developers, Start Your Migrations! .NET 5 Paves the Way for a Great Development Experience! For the past several years, Microsoft has invested heavily in .NET Core, their open-source, cross-platform development solution. As a result, those working with the original .NET Framework have been receiving fewer updates. While .NET Core and .NET Framework are language compatible, […]

Mastering ILDasm With .Net Core in 6 Steps

Need to Convert CIL Code Into Text? Try ILDasm! The C# compiler converts C# code to common intermediate language (CIL) code and not to machine code. The processor can directly understand machine code, but CIL code needs to be converted before the processor can execute it. Consider using the Intermediate Language Disassembler (ILDasm) when you […]

Implementing a Custom ILogger With Exception Handling for .NET Core

Consider This New Logging Framework This article corresponds with the MSDN article: Essential .NET – Logging with .NET Core. This GitHub repo contains the code referenced in the article. Not, in particular, the unit test LogCritical_Exception_Success for an example of handling an exception using the custom logger. public void LogCritical_Exception_Success() { string message = "The […]